How To Install WordPress On Bluehost

How to Install WordPress For Your New Genealogy Website

First off, congratuations! You are now a new owner of a Genealogy Website!

If you missed Step 1. on How to Create A Genealogy Website and would like to get started but don’t know how or need to sign up for one at then BLUEHOST

BlUEHOST provides a program which makes it very easy to install third party scripts to your hosting account. If you want your website to have a WordPress blog, you can use Marketplace to install WordPress.

Installing WordPress with Marketplace

  1. Log in to your Bluehost cPanel account.
  2. Find the Website section and select Install WordPress.
  3. Click the Install button.
  4. Choose the domain name to install it to. In the field next to the domain, you can enter a sub-folder such as ‘blog’ or leave it blank if you want the site’s main page to be the blog. (Though you have this option….for us Genealogist out there…just leave it blank)
  5. If necessary, you can edit the email address, username and password for the new WordPress installation. Click “advanced options” and you can change those settings.
  6. Read through the license and service agreements and check the boxes.
  7. FINALLY, select the Install Now button.


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