Herbert Hoover Genealogy

The Family History of Herbert Hoover | Herbert Hoover Genealogy

Herbert Hoover was one of the most successful businessmen and humanitarian of his age, but had the bad luck to be President when the Great Depression broke out. Herbert Hoover was born on August 10, 1874 in West Branch, Iowa. His parents were Jesse Clark Hoover and Hulda Randall Minthorn.

Like many U.S. Presidents, Hoover is descended from Charlemagne, William “the Conqueror”, and numerous kings of England. He is also descended from Anne Bradstreet, author of the first book of poetry in America, and her father, Governor Thomas Dudley, second Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

He also shares a common descent from Henry Sherman with Roger Sherman (signer of the U.S. Constitution), Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman and his brother U.S. Senator John Sherman, and Sir Winston Churchill.