Franklin D Roosevelt Genealogy

The Family History of Franklin D Roosevelt | Franklin D Roosevelt Genealogy

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is generally ranked among the top three U.S. Presidents along with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. He is the only president to serve four terms in office, serving as President during the Great Depression and World War II. While President, Roosevelt had to use a wheelchair as he had been crippled by polio as an adult.

After becoming crippled, his wife Eleanor Roosevelt helped him in giving speeches and other political activities. Franklin D. Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882 at Hyde Park, Dutchess County, New York. His parents were James Roosevelt and Sara Delano. Franklin Roosevelt was a fifty cousin of President Teddy Roosevelt and a sixth cousin of his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt. He is a descendant of John Howland, a Mayflower passenger.

He shares a common Spencer ancestry with presidents George Washington, Calvin Coolidge, Warren Harding, George Herbert Walker Bush, and George W. Bush as well as Princess Diana and Sir Winston Churchill. On his father’s side, he shares a common descent from Thomas Sheppard and Ann Tying with President John Quincy Adams. On his mother’s side, he shares a common descent from Jonathan Delano and Mercy Warren with presidents Ulysses S. Grant and Calvin Coolidge.

From Richard FitzAlan and his wife Elizabeth de Bohun, Franklin Roosevelt shares a common descent with Presidents Barack Obama, John Quincy Adams, James Madison, and Zachary Taylor. Like George Washington and many other presidents, Franklin Roosevelt is descended from Charlemagne, William “the Conqueror” and numerous kings of England.