Zachary Taylor Genealogy

The Family History of Zachary Taylor | Zachary Taylor Genealogy

Zachary Taylor was an army hero during the Mexican-American War. Prior to becoming President, he had never voted in any election. He was the second President to die in office. Zachary Taylor was born on November 24, 1784 at Montebello, Orange County, Virginia. His parents were Richard Taylor and Sarah Dabney Strother.

Zachary Taylor’s earliest Taylor ancestor, whom he shares with James Madison and James Polk, was John Taylor (1478- ), a cloth maker from Rothbury, Northumberland, England. His son, Reverend Rowland Taylor, attended Cambridge University and married Margaret Tyndale whose uncle was William Tyndale, the first person to translate the Bible into English. On his father’s side, Zachary Taylor is also descended from Colonel Richard Lee, the ancestor of the Lee’s of Virginia, including Civil War General Robert E. Lee.

Zachary Taylor’s great-grandmother was the daughter of Isaac Athertone, a Mayflower passenger and Fear Brewster, daughter of William Brewster, leader of the Pilgrims. Zachary Taylor’s mother, Sarah Dabney Strother, shares a common descent from Anthony Savage with presidents James Madison and John Tyler. Anthony Savage, in turn, was descended from Charlemagne, William “the Conqueror” and various other English kings.

Zachary Taylor also shares a common descent from Richard FitzAlan and Elizabeth de Bohun with Presidents Barack Obama, Franklin Roosevelt, James Madison, and Zachary Taylor.