Resident Commissioner Isauro GABALDON

YEARS 1875-1942
OFFICE Resident Commissioner
STATE Philippine Islands
WHICH CONGRESS SERVED 66th (1919-1921), 67th (1921-1923), 68th (1923-1925), 69th (1925-1927), 70th (1927-1929)

Resident Commissioner Isauro GABALDON Biography

GABALDON, Isauro, a Resident Commissioner from the Commonwealth of the Philippine Islands; born in San Isidoro, Nueva Ecija Province, Luzon, Philippine Islands, December 8, 1875; attended the public schools in Tebar, Spain, and the Colleges Quintanar del Rey & Villa Nueva de la Jara, Cuenca, Spain; attended La Universidad Central, Madrid, Spain, 1894-1899; graduated with a law degree from the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, P.I., 1900; lawyer, private practice; business owner; Governor of Nueva Ecija Province, P.I., 1906, 1912-1916; member of the Philippine assembly 1907-1911; member of the Philippine senate 1916-1919; elected as a Nacionalista to the Sixty-sixth Congress to a three-year term, reelected to two succeeding terms, and served until his resignation became effective on July 16, 1928 (February 7, 1920-July 16, 1928); was also elected to the Philippine house of representatives in 1925, but declined to serve, preferring to continue serving as Resident Commissioner; member of the Philippine independence mission to Washington in 1933; died on December 21, 1942, in Manila, P.I.; interment at North Cemetery, Manila, P.I. View Record in the Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress

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Isauro GABALDON Committee Assignments

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