John F Kennedy Genealogy

The Family History of John F Kennedy | John F Kennedy Genealogy

John F. Kennedy was our second youngest President (age 43) after Teddy Roosevelt, our first Roman Catholic President, and our fourth President to be assassinated. Major events of his presidency included the Cuban Missile Crisis and his initiation of the space program to land a man on the moon within ten years.

During his presidency, his wife Jacqueline Kennedy refurbished the White House with many antiques and a decor from its early history, replacing most of the newer and cheaper furniture that had been installed by Harry Truman when he rebuilt the White House. John Kennedy was born on May 19, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts. His parents were Joseph Patrick Kennedy and Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald.

Both of his parents were of Irish descent. On his father’s side, Kennedy’s first ancestor to come to America was Patrick Kennedy who came from Dunganstown, Ireland to Boston in 1823. His next Kennedy ancestor was elected to the Massachusetts legislature. On his mother’s side, his grandfather Honey Fitz was mayor of Boston.