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Are you tired of missing out the best deals on craigslist? If yes, then you need to improve on how you search for items, jobs or any other thing on craigslist. Searching through craigslist efficiently and effectively is just one of the few ways you can get the best stuff in the market.

The first question is how often you search on craigslist? Searching craigslist once or twice per day will not make you get the best deals because new listings only shop up once they are posted. And to get the best from craigslist, it is always good if you see them immediately they are posted.

Before going into the body of the article, to make your process of searching on craigslist easier, always ensure you;

  • Save your search after creating and effective search so you can always go back to them
  • Sign up for alerts notifications to keep you abreast of new listings.
  • Use a more advanced and simpler website like Craigslist Tampa where you can get the Tampa listings summarized to ease your search.
  • If your search isn’t finding something specific in a specific location, you might find it very difficult.


Search smart doing the following;

    • Search using keywords

This is because craigslist get thousands of listing daily and the right keywords is one of the tips that will help you narrow your search down to what you really want. The right keywords you will be using solely depend on the item you need on craigslist. Example; search for “chair” or “Tampa chair” if you need a chair. Check for items similar to your search or synonyms

If you want to shop an item, search for similar items too. Example; search for occasional table if you want to shop a “nigh table or nightstand”.
Also include the alternative names (synonyms) of the keyword you are searching for. Example, you might be searching for a “sofa bed” and the seller might describe the item as a Spell your keywords wrongly

This is because we are humans and sometimes when people decide to post an item on craigslist, they tend to make mistakes spelling word. This may even occur after proofreading the keywords countless.

Try this and you will be surprised by the number of listings you will get because people misspell crucial and important keywords on craigslist listings. Some are as a result of typos, some can be as a result of the auto correct feature on their smartphones or PC and some out of negligence because they didn’t bother to proofread.

The meaning is that those items with misspelled listings will not appear on your listings until you search for them using the wrong spelling. So when trying to do this, try to imagine all the ways someone can misspell the keywords you are searching for. You can reverse letters, use phonetic spellings and even miss spaces to get them.

Guess what? This tips shared here don’t just work on craigslist, they work on eBay listings and Amazon too and so if someone misspells on eBay listing, it’s likely the person misspells on craigslist.

The bottom line to avoid searching wrong keywords on eBay, craigslist is to search the wrong keywords on a unique platform that will show results for the three websites.

Also, search Finding Guide Craigslist, eBay and Amazon for the BEST Price!