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It is not trending news that shopping on classified ads website is one of the best ways to get new and used items online. Kindly try these hacks when searching for items on classified ads website like eBay and craigslist.

Use Old and regional terms when searching for items

Sometimes when you want to purchase new items, you might need to research on the old or regional names people call these items. You can also check out for their colloquial terms.

Have you ever heard of chest draws? Yes. There are chest drawers and people sell it on craigslist.

So what of the seller decides to use such words when listing? Have you also heard about Davenport or Hassock?

These two words can also be used to refer to sofa and ottoman. A Castro sofa can be used in place of a sleeper sofa.

So just research and I can bet you will get the best products.

Use keyboard commands and some craigslist’s search tricks.

You can make your search more efficient doing this. First is to identify the key words you will be using. But I can bet if you want to start searching each keywords on craigslist them be ready to take craigslist as a full time job. This is because you will have multiple results to go through.

Hyphen; search using hyphen will help eliminate items with certain words from the listing results. Pipe keys; when you search in craigslist the pipe key on craigslist serves the same function as the word “or”. A very good example is when you are trying to search for a “boot” or “sneakers”, just type “boots| sneakers” and you will get results for both the boot and the sneakers in just one search.

Use quotation marks; when searching for an exact phrase, use quotation marks because a quotation mark makes your search distinct. Example is if want a “black carrier bag” and you don’t want the search to bring any other type of carrier bag, then you should enter your search as “black carrier bag”.

Don’t limit your search to just your city sites

Craigslist search have always been better when you search for the item in a specific city but sometimes you need to search for other cities as what you may need may not be in your current city.
Normally it is ideal to search for items in Ocala with Ocala Craigslist, but you can also diversify by searching using Finding Guide.

This will give you a full list of different cities and I can bet you will surely get your item when you search through. If you just wish to drive down to another state to get the item, you can just extend your search by choosing another state.

Knowledge is crème to getting better item and it is also key to make you a better shopper. You can’t have it all and it is also good you share unique hacks with people around to enlighten them. Play your part by sharing with friends to make you all better online shoppers.


Also, search Finding Guide Craigslist, eBay and Amazon for the BEST Price!